In addition to the traditional Real Estate Mediation, Estilo Intemporal seeks to diversify its intervention in the market through Own Investments and in Partnerships with Investors to develop real estate projects with our coordination and commercialization.


The secret to success is to treat each customer as unique and always look for the best solutions and associated services to obtain the best possible results.

At Estilo Timeless Real Estate we want our clients to find everything they are looking for, with maximum confidence.

We have developed a set of reliable partnerships with companies that deserve our trust, in order to provide our customers with the most efficient services on the market.


Services for our Clients


Bank credit

We place a process manager at the disposal of our clients to handle their financing and be able to advise on the best alternatives on the market.


Internet, Television and Voice Services

We have a partnership to make it easier for our customers to install these services in their new home.


Architecture and Engineering

We have architects and engineers capable of providing you with the best and safest ideas for your home or your investment.

Architectural and engineering services for houses, renovation and reconstruction, high-rise construction or hotels.

Construction, Specialized Services and Decoration

We have protocols with construction companies that guarantee efficient work, with deadlines, quality and good prices.

Construction or renovation of apartments, houses and buildings, construction of houses, high-rise buildings or hotels.

Specialized carpentry and decoration services for all types of projects.